He's only a year old, but Ernie may be the perfect pet for you. He's the mellow mutt, and now he's looking for his first forever home.

You may say Ernie is quite, or a little shy, but I think he's just a cool dude in a loose mood, and you'll see the moment you meet him. He's also so well behaved, but according to Wendy from the Animal Welfare Society, Ernie does get a little more active once he get's comfortable in his surroundings.

Despite what you see, Ernie does need walks and plenty of exercise, so he may not be perfect for a small apartment, or for someone who can't handle his active lifestyle.

Ernie is a Hound Dog mix who came to the Animal Welfare Society from West Virginia. He was found out on the street all alone with no family, or anyone to care for him. Now he's made some new friends at the shelter, and seems to really like living in Connecticut, but there is one thing missing, a family of his own, and a forever home.

Ernie is all up to date on his vaccines, and will actually get neutered before he leaves the shelter.

Now here's your chance to take a closer look at Ernie, The Mellow Mutt:

For more information about Ernie, and all the other adoptable Dogs and Cats, call the Animal Welfare Society at (860) 354-1350 or visit them on Dodd Road in New Milford.

They’re open Tuesday from 11 AM to 7 PM, and Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

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