West Hartford, thank you for being the beautiful town that finally got another one of my Northern New England favorites to say "Yes, let's expand to Connecticut".

By the end of this year, West Hartford will have the first Connecticut location of Portsmouth, New Hampshire's The Friendly Toast. If you love inventive breakfast food, booze, brunch, and kitschy, colorful design, 36 LaSalle Road will be your new home. It's about time Friendly Toast Corporate, I've been watching you expand from Portsmouth deeper into New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine over the past few years. I also believe you've made a smart choice by choosing Connecticut over Rhode Island for your first dip into the waters of Southern New England.

My in-law's have a home in New Hampshire, and my wife and I have enjoyed dining at the original location since the sign looked like the photo above. Maybe 2005ish? My favorite item is still on the menu, Huevos Rancheros - home fries, a sunny-side up egg, beans, corn, avocado, pico, dusted with onions and cotija cheese. Their version is still my favorite. The Friendly Toast menu will make you laugh, they've cleverly named a few like Doughnut Stop Believin, Brunch-Burg-Right-Ahead, Going Back to Cali, and the Medley Crue Bowl. Think 'over-the-top' foodie vibe that you get at Sugar Factory Foxwoods, Neil's Donuts, or the milkshakes at Bristol's Bell City Diner, but with breakfast/lunch/brunch food, that's The Friendly Toast.

First Aroma Joe's, and now The Friendly Toast? Can Hannaford's or Market Basket  make the leap here next?

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