The recent study by The Washington Post, led by Lenny Bronner, aimed to identify which states best represent the essence of the United States. Rather than attempting to define "normalcy," the focus was on representation. Utilizing U.S. Census Data, the study yielded interesting findings, with Connecticut ranking as the fourth most representative state, while Illinois emerged as the embodiment of America.

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In our efforts to understand the places we live, these studies serve as valuable tools. Living in Connecticut, I've come to appreciate its beauty, safety, charm, and its insane cost of living. Beyond the notion of being "normal" or pricey, diving into Connecticut's data gives us a better understanding.

In an effort to reveal Connecticut's unique qualities, we recently had a discussion with Cassandra Happe from Wallet Hub. Happe joined us on the I-95 Morning Show's Wednesday edition (5/15/24), Cassandra provided insights into what makes Connecticut stand out. Here are some highlights from our conversation.

Lou: We follow all of these Connecticut studies closely, do we stink? In what areas are we the best, and worst? 

Cassandra: "I will say from time-to-time Connecticut lands more in the middle of the pack so to speak. What I saw when I looked back at some of our most recent studies, Connecticut actually did pretty well when it came to being one of the best states for police officers, they ranked 3rd overall in that study. They ranked 4th overall for being one of the best states for working moms, and 4th overall for being one of the most educated states in America. They also came in 46th overall for drug use by states, meaning they had one of the lowest drug problems because #1 would be the biggest drug problem." 

Lou: Just from memory, I know we always score well for diversity and remote workers.

Cassandra: "Yes, you guys did really well in those studies as well. The only studies I saw recently where Connecticut seemed to struggle is when it came to taxes."


  • The Washington Post says we're "normal" which is WP speak that means we are one of the most American of the 50 states.
  • Our taxes are bonkers enough that the rest of the country knows it.
  • We have a relatively safe state.
  • We generally treat our police well.
  • We're a great state for working moms.
  • We're diverse.
  • CT is heaven for remote workers.

I'm certain that we have it MUCH better than most of the country and that makes us abnormal. This would also explains the ungodly cost of living here.

There is plenty more to know and you can find it in our full interview with Cassandra Happe below. You can hear how creepy Ethan sounds when he says "talk to you soon", find out what is wrong with Florida and learn why Candlewood Lake keeps getting snubbed on the WH list of best lake communities in America.

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