Social media users have created a Connecticut Hot Dog Trail, Connecticut Chicken Wing Trail, even a Connecticut Ice Cream Trail, but our Government has just stepped up and created one of their own - The Connecticut Oyster Trail, and it just went live. As you could have imagined, it's mostly along the Connecticut shoreline.

Fresh oysters from an oyster farm in Tasmania, Australia.

Even if you're not a fan of seafood, you may have heard of Blue Point Oysters, they're often mentioned among the best available. Have you ever heard of Copps Island Oysters? Copps Island Oysters, from Norwalk, may not be as famous as Blue Point, but they're grown in the same water basically as the Blues. The State of Connecticut and Governor Ned Lamont have just unveiled Connecticut's first ever Oyster Trail on

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The map of the trail features the locations of oyster farms along the Connecticut shoreline, a list of retail stores where you can buy fresh oysters, and a list of quite a few restaurants where you can belly up and slurp down fresh oysters.

Seafood: Oyster Isolated on White Background

As I expected, Northwest and Western Connecticut is not where you want to start your Connecticut Oyster Trail journey. Here's a fix for you editors of the Connecticut Oyster Trail, you misspelled Southbury's Lucas Local as Luca's Local. Litchfield's Saltwater Grille and Oakville's Tony & Sons are the only businesses listed North of I-84 and West of Rt. 8.

Although I do enjoy oysters, I've always preferred the taste of littleneck and soft-shell clams. I'll start working on a rough draft of the Connecticut Clam Trail Governor Lamont, I'll have it to you shortly.

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