Comedian Robert Kelly has been doing our show, at least once a year, for the last ten years. We always have a ton of fun when he drops in so when we found out he was coming back to Connecticut, we had to book him. Bobby is doing two shows at Stamford's New York Comedy Club on Friday May 17th and Saturday, May 18th.

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Kelly joined us on the Wednesday (5/15/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and we covered a lot. We talked about the Brady roast, his upcoming TV work and having to share his Google searches with disgraced musician R. Kelly.

Lou: The Tom Brady roast is all anyone has been able to talk about since it came out of Netflix, I'm curious what you thought of it?

Robert: "I'll give you my rankings, Nikki Glaser (1), Tony Hinchcliffe (2), Drew Bledsoe (3), Belichick (4), Andrew Schulz (5) and then I'd say Kevin Hart stinks! Yeah I'm gonna go out there and just wing it! He pulled a Keith Robinson. He just repeated ah, wow, wow, Nikki, wow she was great, alright, Nikki. Alright dude, just read off the teleprompter, write a joke, stop giving us all personality. You're four-two, we get it, you're full of jazz." 

Lou: How does it work with people who are not comedians, like the athletes? I assume that those people have these jokes written for them by the other comedians on the show, is that the deal? 

Robert: "Yeah they have around twenty writers that you'll never see that are writing jokes and then Jeff Ross goes in and takes the best ones off the top and then there are people writing for (Drew) Bledsoe. But here's the thing, it does not matter, you can write a great joke for somebody, if they can't read it, if they can't deliver it with a little something, if they can't make it their own, it's gonna stink like Randy Moss and Ben. I mean Jesus Ben turned into a crack addict halfway through his set, his lips were sticking to his fake teeth, you know what I mean? These actors don't understand that when you're bombing your mouth goes dry and you need a sip of something." 

Lou: How about (Tony) Hinchcliffe? You mentioned him and I think he was great too but it seemed like part of his presentation was to deliver as many, it was like a volume thing, like how fast, how many jokes can I tell and he didn't let the laughs sit, he just kept going.

Robert: "Yeah, Tony is, if I were to say anybody, Jeff is great, the roast master or whatever they call him but I think Tony is more of that guy. He knows how to deliver a joke, I don't know if he's gay or bi-sexual, straight I don't know what he is. He's very Rip Torn, he has the swagger of a Navy seal and a gay man combined. That is a great combo, the tip of the spear in both ways. He's just got that confidence, he hammered him." 

Robert Kelly - I-95 Studio
Robert Kelly - I-95 Studio

Lou: Does it upset you that when you Google your name R. Kelly is there a lot? 

Robert: "Well, here's the thing it used to be just him. Then, he got in trouble and then it became me and then he took a pee pee again on somebody and then it became him again. I wish he would just fade away so I could go back up to the top. I get DM's from people on Instagram supporting me as R. Kelly. I swear to God and I write back thank you so much, Jesus loves all of us and I'll make it through this and thank you for your support, God Bless." 

Lou: How are things going with you? I check in every once in awhile, I know you do a lot of satellite radio shows, podcasts so I know you're killing it 

Robert: "Everything is great dude. I took over for Dan Soder on the Bonfire last year, you know Dan and Jay were doing this thing, it was probably one of the hottest shows on XM and Dan wanted to get out and do some other stuff and sow his oats, Jay asked me to fill in, I did it and it's been a year." 

Lou Milano, Ethan Carey, Robert Kelly
Lou Milano, Ethan Carey, Robert Kelly

Get your tickets now to see Robert Kelly at Stamford's New York Comedy Club on Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th.

You can listen to our entire two-part interview with Comedian Robert Kelly below.

Part 1 - We talked about the Tom Brady roast from top-to-bottom. We got to hear Bobby's reaction to Nikki Glaser's new song and who writes the jokes for the celebrities who don't have a comedy background.

Part 2 - We heard more about Bobby's new career in radio and learned that he has two new TV projects, one with Jim Norton and another with Denis Leary. Kelly also shared his opinion on comedians that do arena tours.

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Bobby Kelly in-studio
Bobby Kelly in-studio

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