'Most Beautiful' isn't something you hear a lot when people are comparing restaurants, but I do feel it's something people don't look past.

The way a restaurant looks can absolutely make or break someone's choice when choosing where they want to dine out for the night. Just recently, People came out with a list of The 50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America and a restaurant not too far from Danbury landed on the list. They had the help of OpenTable and they looked for "super-stylish stunners that deliver unforgettable dining experiences."

When I thought beautiful, one Connecticut restaurant that came to mind for me was Cava in Southington. With all of their extravagant themes they do, I thought they would've made the list, but I was wrong. I am still impressed with their decorations, though.

The Connecticut restaurant deemed as "most beautiful" is Siena in New Haven. The description followed is "vibrant stained glass windows and a sleek, turquoise-hued bar set the tone for the Blake Hotel's lively lobby restaurant." I did some digging to find out about Siena in New Haven. It is located in The Blake Hotel and where "every pasta is made from scratch and mouth-watering antipasti and entrees are paired with a carefully curated cocktail menu and extensive wine list" according to their site. Sounds delicious.

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Following Siena, they have High George by Siena which is the rooftop bar following the restaurant. When taking a look through photos, both give off a wonderful atmosphere and it doesn't surprise me that it was crowned as the winner.

Siena Ristorante Group took to their instagram to thank OpenTable and People for the recognition.

There are two additional Siena restaurants in Connecticut. One is located at 353 Main Ave in Norwalk and the other is located at 519 Summer Street in Stamford.

The ambiance looks gorgeous. I may have to take a trip over there this summer and make use of that rooftop. You can never go wrong with a rooftop bar. The vibes are just immaculate.

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