For the past two years, Torrington has patiently waited for delicious cherry limeades and tots to magically appear on Migeon Avenue. That day has finally come T-Town.

Social media was ablaze last evening with the news that Torrington's first Sonic Restaurant has officially soft-opened. It was in 2019 that Scarpelli's Restaurant at 865 Migeon Avenue announced that the restaurant would be permanently closing in January 2020. The building was completely leveled after the Scarpelli's closure, and for almost three years, we've been treated to an ongoing construction site.


As of today (Thursday, May 16, 2024) does not list Torrington as one of their locations in Connecticut, but it's soft-open. Six Sonic Restaurants are operating, they're located in Bristol, Danbury, Manchester, Milford, New Milford, and Wallingford. The Torrington Sonic is not a full restaurant with Sonic's signature drive-in booths and carhops on rollerskates zipping your grub up to your window. The Torrington location is similar to the New Milford Sonic Express/7-11/Gas station combo.

I've been enjoying Sonic Restaurants for decades, the company is headquartered in Oklahoma City, and I loved their food in the 1970's and 80's when I lived down there. Sonic features a typical American fast-food menu with burgers/hot dogs/chicken sandwiches and nuggets as the mains, and tater tots, fries and rings for sides. Where Sonic rises above the other quick-service restaurants though is in the beverage choices. A wide variety of slushes, lemon & limeades, soft drinks, and ice cream shakes are available. If you're extremely thirsty, order the RT 44-sized drink, make sure you're near a restroom afterwards.

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