You may have seen a lot of recruitment ads on social media for local police departments around Connecticut, and there's good reasons for that. In fact, Connecticut has just been listed as one of the best states to be a police officer in all of the US for 2024. has just published Best & Worst States to Be a Police Officer 2024, and Connecticut landed as 3rd Best. In order to determine the Best and Worst states for Officers, compared the 50 states and DC across three key dimensions:

  • Opportunity & Competition
  • Law Enforcement Training Requirements
  • Job Hazards and Protection

Those dimensions were evaluated using 30 metrics, such as Average Salary, Salary Growth Potential, Continuing Education, Requirement of De-escalation Training, Police Body-Worn Camera Legislation, Presence of Red Flag Laws and Blue Alerts, Violent Crime Rate, Share of Law Enforcement Officers Assaulted, and Share of Homicide Cases Solved, among the 30.'s study determined that Connecticut is the third best State to be a police officer for 2024. In the United States of America, Connecticut requires the most training out of everyone in order to become a cop. Candidates must complete 1,321 hours of basic training, plus 400 hours of field training, before you will be permitted to work. Connecticut is among the safest states for police officers, with the third-lowest rate of police killings per capita, the sixth-lowest rate of officer assaults, and the third-lowest rate of violent crime, in all of the US.

Which US states beat us in 2024? Illinois and California top the list as the #2 and #1 Best states to be a Police Officer for 2024. The Worst? Hawaii and Alaska.

7 Worst Prisons in the State of Connecticut

If I was going to prison, I'd be worrying about everything. I'd want to know what I was in for and there are not a ton of resources available, I certainly would not have anyone I could ask for their experience. You need to know what danger level you're facing, what your day-to-day will consist of and what conditions are like. Most of all, you want to know if the place you're going to has a bad reputation. 

My recent TV binge of 60 Days In made me want to seek answers to these questions, I needed to know. I was able to find some helpful information from The Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

Here are the 7 Worst Prisons in Connecticut

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

19 of Connecticut's Most Wanted Fugitives

First, you should know that not every fugitive is some sort of serial killer or bank robber; some are just people who have been charged with crimes and are actively evading law enforcement.

These are 19 of Connecticut's Wanted Fugitives according to BailCo Bail Bonds, who state the following on their website:

"The persons listed on this page are currently wanted by BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester LLC and the State of Connecticut for failing to appear at a scheduled court date. We would be grateful to receive any information you may have about their status or whereabouts, but please first consider the following:No one listed on this page is necessarily guilty of a crime."

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods, in Connecticut's Highest Crime City

Those of us who live in Connecticut know, this place is NOT what the rest of the country thinks it is. We have folks struggling to get by, we have crime, drugs and very dangerous neighborhoods. Recently, I set out to find the most dangerous city in Connecticut and I got a lot more detail than I bargained for. After determining Hartford was the city with the most violent crime, I was able to find the specific places that are the most dangerous within the city. These are the 10 Most Dangerous Places in Hartford according to the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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