Bravery in the face of an emergency is what one Connecticut man exhibited earlier this week.

While I have a fear of heights, I still fly. Not going to lie though, I fly with a bit of fear in my heart every time. I hope I'm never on a flight when this happens, but kudos to the helping hand of this Connecticut resident.

In a story from a Connecticut man is being recognized for helping other Delta passengers safely escape a smoke filled plane. When the Delta flight this week landed in Denver smoke started to quickly fill the cabin. Jay Compton of Thomaston was one of the first down the emergency slide but stayed there to help people off.

Compton told NBC Connecticut 

It took a minute but shortly thereafter panic started to ensue, people started yelling.
What people don’t realize is when you hit that slide, you go down really fast, because you’re maybe 10, 12 feet in the air

Thankfully the issue didn't happen while the plane was in air, but frightening just the same.

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