Well, it's not Feline Friday but a big kitty paid a visit to a Fairfield, CT backyard. CBS News reports that Alex Paciotti was enjoying the nice weather with her kids on Monday. About 30 minutes after they went indoors, she was looking outside of her kitchen window and saw a rather large cat. Police confirm that what Alex Paciotti saw was a large male bobcat who probably tips the scales at about 40 pounds.

The article goes on to say that bobcats are more afraid of us than we are of them. Really? While I will tell you that I do believe they do not want any part of us, I'm not sure about the whole "they're more scared of you" thing.

So, if you see one, what should you do? The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection says that bobcats rarely cause issues with humans or domestic pets. However, the population has been growing since the bobcat was reclassified as "protected" in 1972. If you do see one, make some noise and back away slowly.

The noise part, I got. The back away slowly segment I am going to have to work on. Hopefully, I will never need this skill.

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