You may not be able to purchase pot legally in Connecticut any time soon, but a neighboring state is about ready to make it available.

This will not be the year that Connecticut legalizes marijuana for recreational use. After the failure back in March of House Bill 5458, An Act Concerning The Regulation Of Retail Sale Of Marijuana, hopes had been pinned on another Bill. That one, HB 5394, An Act Concerning The Legalization And Regulation Of The Retail Sale Of Marijuana, made it as far as April 16th and was passed out of legislative committees.

As the clock ticks down, the Connecticut state legislature adjourns at midnight tonight, the measure failed to get a floor debate in the House and the Senate is tied 18-18 as well.

But Connecticut residents will not have to look too far to purchase marijuana legally come July. According to, July 1st is when legal recreational pot stores will be opening in Massachusetts. But before you plan a road trip you should read the answers to questions like, will all, so called pot-shops, be open for business on that date, go to

I can't help thinking that Connecticut still won't be far behind in eventual legalization.

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