Live Nation brings some really great shows to the Xfinity Theater in Hartford and so many other local venues, and now, along with Ticketmaster, they're working with some experimental technology.

According to Fast Company, Ticketmaster sent a memo to all of the company's investors about it, and if this experimental technology becomes implemented, we may never use standard tickets for concerts ever again.

Mashable says that Live Nation is embracing a facial recognition technology, which comes from Blink Identity. This application was inspired by data derived from a prior project the founders worked on, which was a biometric ID system for the military.

Supposedly, their system can ID people moving by them in just “half a second,” even if the people are not looking in the camera or are not going to slow down for it.

Fast Company reports that the theory behind this is to eliminate the need to waste paper on hard tickets, and hopefully reduce wait times on lines. They also say that security could be alerted quickly if someone who should not be at a venue is in the crowd.

A representative from Ticketmaster stated:

Knowing not just who bought the tickets, but who is sitting in each and every seat, can dramatically change the live event industry in a variety of ways… [it’s a] dramatically deeper level of safety and security.

This could be a little too much big brother for me though!

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