It's almost unheard of for any kind of establishment to survive 93 years in business, let alone a restaurant. That's what Blackie's Hot Dog Stand on the Cheshire/Waterbury line has done. Not only survive, thrive, because they keep it simple. They've been serving the simplest of menus: Dogs, Burgers, Potato Chips, Beverages, and Ice Cream --that's it -- since 1928. A cash only operation, closed on Friday year round, and their relish is famous too, but that's another story.

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The spotlight today is on Blackie's famous oil-boiled Martin Rosol's, of hard-hittin' New Britain, hot dogs, because Yankee Magazine have named Blackie's the best in Connecticut.

In an updated article published last Tuesday, December 29, 2020 on Yankee Magazine's New England Today, Blackie's Hot Dog, at 2200 Waterbury Road in Cheshire, has been named the best hot dog in Connecticut in a short list of the best dogs in each of the 6 New England states. It's no surprise, my family has been eating Blackie's dogs all of our lives, and there's something special about the simple snap you get as you bite into their delicious oil-boiled tube-steaks.

Yankee Magazine has updated the article to reflect public safety guidelines during the Coronavirus pandemic, and Blackie's has adapted their restaurant to keep the public safe, limiting the eating of their famous food to outdoor dining. Reading through the article, Blackie's has done well compared to the hot dog places that they chose in Maine and Vermont, which have both apparently been shut down for quite some time. Get your Blackie's hot dogs, slathered in their famous relish, and see if you agree with the Best Hot Dog in Connecticut title.

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