Do you find yourself constantly scanning the open road in front of your vehicle on Connecticut highways? I do, because I'm aware that Connecticut has recently experienced an epidemic of wrong-way drivers.

If you get stuck on I-84 in Danbury today, there's a good reason - a new wrong way driver detection is being installed starting today on a couple of I-84 ramps in town.

The City of Danbury has announced on their social media that the Connecticut Department of Transportation is out there starting today (March, 26, 2024) on the installation of two new Wrong Way Driver Detection Systems on I-84 exits ramps in the city. Motorists can expect lane closures this week by Exit 4 on 84 Eastbound, and lane closures are also expected by Exit 5 of I-84 Westbound.


According to, there were 13 wrong-way crashes in Connecticut in 2022, resulting in 23 fatalities. In 2023? Preliminary data shows five wrong-way crashes that resulted in seven fatalities. Alcohol was a reported factor in the majority of the incidents.

In Danbury, wrong way detection systems are already in use on the I-84 ramps at Exit 8, and also along Rt. 7 Southbound at Exit 8. You will also see these systems on the ramps on I-84 at Exit 10 and 11 in Newtown, and some were just installed along Rt. 8 in Naugatuck, Waterbury, and Torrington.

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The Connecticut Department of Transportation anticipates over 100 wrong way detection systems to be in operation by the end of 2024. If you'd like to watch one of the new systems in operation, of a wrong-way driver in Danbury at the Exit 8 off-ramp, click HERE.

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