Good news my local travel friends, our options for direct traveling just increased even more.

If you're a bit of a travel snob like I am, you like convenience. That includes easy airport, easy parking, direct flights, all the good stuff. When I travel along the east coast, the first place I look for a flight is out of New Haven. It's the easiest airport to get to and definitely the most convenient. Can you get a fancy coffee or a crisp airport beer before your flight? No, but it's worth it when there aren't any hassles to get there.

It is honestly surprising to me how quickly Avelo has expanded out of New Haven. They started there in 2021 and it has been nonstop growth since. It seems every few months they are adding new cities to fly to. I have flown them multiple times and my favorite part is what I've stated earlier; convenience.

Avelo has just announced new routes starting in June. Directly from New Haven, you will now be able to fly to St. Louis, MI, Houston, TX and Traverse City, MI. Why is this a big deal? Not only will you be saving time, you will be saving a lot of coins as well.

Starting June 13, a flight from New Haven (HVN) to St. Louis, MI (STL) will cost $79 one way. I just did some research and the average flight out of Hartford (BDL) will cost you over $200 one way. Always dreamed about seeing the Gateway Arch? Now's your chance.

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Starting June 14, a flight from New Haven (HVN) to Houston, TX (HOU) will cost $98 one way. It looks like the average flight from Hartford (BDL) to Houston would cost $250+. Market Square Park in Houston's downtown historical district is calling your name.

And lastly, starting June 15, a flight from New Haven (HVN) to Traverse City, MI (TVC) will cost $62 one way. It seems the average one way flight from Hartford (BDL) to Traverse City would cost $150+. After a quick google search, I learned that Traverse City is known as the "Cherry Capital of the World" and is known for their freshwater beaches, wineries and vineyards. It looks like that may need to be a trip on my list soon.

The more cities I'm able to simply go to, the happier I am. I fully believe that traveling is one of the most important things we can do in life and having the convenience of it just makes the experience that much better. I hope I can be back soon to report even more exciting cities we can simply head off to. But until then, let me know if you make your way to any of these cool destinations.

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