What would it be like to be on the run, or in hiding?

For some people, this is an actual worry, a reality even. There are real-life individuals who evade law enforcement and that makes me curious. Are there fugitives in Connecticut? What are they accused of doing? Who are these fugitives?

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I went looking for the answers to those questions and this is what I found is pretty interesting. There are fugitives in Connecticut and they have one thing in common, it appears they became wanted individuals for many different reasons. These are 19 of Connecticut's Wanted Fugitives.

19 of Connecticut's Most Wanted Fugitives

First, you should know that not every fugitive is some sort of serial killer or bank robber; some are just people who have been charged with crimes and are actively evading law enforcement.

These are 19 of Connecticut's Wanted Fugitives according to BailCo Bail Bonds, who state the following on their website:

"The persons listed on this page are currently wanted by BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester LLC and the State of Connecticut for failing to appear at a scheduled court date. We would be grateful to receive any information you may have about their status or whereabouts, but please first consider the following:No one listed on this page is necessarily guilty of a crime."

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Bail Co adds: "We would be grateful to receive any information you may have about their status or whereabouts. Do not attempt to apprehend any of the individuals on this page. While none of them are necessarily dangerous, we would not want you to do anything to risk your own safety." If you know anything that could be of help, call Bail Co.toll free at 1-800-422-4526 or email us at info@bailcobailbonds.com.

Thoughts and Prayers all the way around, I don't know who I am sending them to but somone will need them.

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Hollywood Fugitive Fun

Back in 1993, Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones brought us the adrenaline-pumping "The Fugitive."

Surprisingly, Ford wasn't the first choice for Dr. Richard Kimble; Yardbarker reveals a lineup of actors considered, including Alec Baldwin, Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, and Nick Nolte. Nolte thought he was too old for the role, ultimately paving the way for Ford's casting. An on-set mishap led to Ford injuring a ligament in his leg during filming. That's the extent of my knowledge about any and all fugitives.

The Sinful 6: Connecticut's Most Dangerous Gangs

Your exposure to gangs and gang violence is probably a lot like mine. You see gang stories told on fictional TV shows like "Sons of Anarchy" or in the movies and think, eh not my problem. Not so fast Nutmegger! According to the CT Justice Department gangs are a real problem in the State of Connecticut.

Here are the 6 Most Dangerous Gangs in the Nutmeg State

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

15 of Connecticut's Most Wanted Bank Robbery Suspects of the 2020's

Imagine if you will, being passed a note that says "give me all the money." It sounds like a cheesy line from a low-budget Hollywood stinker but for some CT bank tellers it was a terrifying, real-life scenario. These are 15 of Connecticut's Most Wanted Bank Robbery Suspects of the 2020's.

NOTE: These are photos of suspects and all parties are innocent until proven guilty.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

5 Infamous Danbury Cold Cases, These People Have Been Missing for A Decade or More

It’s human nature to move on after a case runs cold, for many years. The public forgets, the authorities move on to the next issue but the families never forget, they never give up looking for their missing member. I can’t imagine the hopelessness a family can experience when their loved one disappears out of the blue. Where do you begin your search, who can you trust and what happens when you can’t get answers? According to danbury-ct.gov The following individuals have been missing from Danbury for a decade or more. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods, in Connecticut's Highest Crime City

Those of us who live in Connecticut know, this place is NOT what the rest of the country thinks it is. We have folks struggling to get by, we have crime, drugs and very dangerous neighborhoods. Recently, I set out to find the most dangerous city in Connecticut and I got a lot more detail than I bargained for. After determining Hartford was the city with the most violent crime, I was able to find the specific places that are the most dangerous within the city. These are the 10 Most Dangerous Places in Hartford according to the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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