Planning a wedding is a very stressful time.

I've witnessed it first hand with so many of my close friends getting married these past couple of years. Planning the perfect place, finding the perfect venue, atmosphere, food, etc. is all so overwhelming. And on top of that, the cost. It is not cheap.

Connecticut in general is not a cheap place to be. We all know that first hand. So adding an expensive wedding on top of that doesn't help. Wealth of Geeks put out a list of the Worst Places in the Country to Get Married and not one, but two Connecticut cities made the list. If that doesn't tell you something, then I don't know what does.

First off, the worst city in the country to get married is Pearl City, Hawaii. It ranks worst for cost and third worst for services when booking. The study also says that there are not many things to do in that exact place, so maybe another place in Hawaii is a better option. Personally, a wedding in Hawaii is a win to me.

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Now on to the second worst city in the country to get married - Bridgeport, Connecticut. The study goes to say that Bridgeport is the most expensive city in the region and also has poor facilities and attractions.

Following to number 19. Our state gets another shout out - New Haven. The study says not the worst choice on the East Coast, but also not the best. New Haven has places to hold your event, but you may not be getting the bang for your buck that you want.

Personally, I think there are so many beautiful places in Connecticut to get married. Is it expensive? Absolutely. But there are definitely some beautiful options out there. Would I choose Bridgeport or New Haven? No. But to each their own.

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