Joe and Valeria Yankus will always remember their 29th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, not in a good way. reports that the Wolcott, Connecticut couple were in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert where a gunman began a shooting rampage that killed 58 people and injured hundreds. 

The couple was seated close to the stage in the “pit” area when they heard what sounded like a rapid succession of firecrackers. They quickly realized the severity of the situation and sought safety in the backstage area. However, once there, they found that there was no way out and hid under a semi-truck.

We went out the back figuring that was the safe harbor for shelter and cover and [it] turns out, once we got into the back, there was no way out. We got behind the tires. I shoved my wife down and was able to cover her with something but rapid fire wasn't stopping. [A] couple seconds later, it would start again. Now this is 10 minutes into it - Joe Yankus

Joe and Valeria Yankus said they feel very lucky to be alive. They escaped with just a few scrapes.

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