The Danbury Ice Arena has new ownership and that group is promising a new hockey team. Diamond Properties is the new owner and they are going to transform the Ice Arena into an entertainment complex, according to the CT Post,

The burning question -- will Danbury get another hockey team? Diamond Properties President Bill Diamond had this to say about that:

We have a terrific team in place and we have some exciting plans that include bringing back professional hockey that should prove to be very popular in the surrounding Danbury community.

Well, well, well. I called it again. Earlier this week while discussing the proposed revitalization plan in Danbury, I shared a rumor I overheard in the local halls of power that the ol' zamboni will be fired up in Danbury once again. I'm so tired of being right!

I really just need to take a break from being right so often. It's not OK that this is happening on a daily basis, because you are all going to start taking it for granted. Then I'm going to have to be intentionally wrong for awhile to level s--t out.

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