For the last few months, Brookfield's big question is what grocery store is being built at 14 Candlewood Lake Road?

I've tried to reach out to First Selectman Steve Dunn but haven't heard back just yet. According to an article in the Newstimes, Brookfield town officials won't comment about the new construction.

The town is building two new stores, and officials have confirmed that one is a Food Emporium, but no one wants to fess up about the other one. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal from the fall of 2019, Amazon was scouting locations for a new "grocery store concept" in Connecticut.

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A couple of clues have materialized, leading many to think this might be Connecticut's first Amazon Fresh store. The following is a quote from Brookfield's First Selectman, Steve Dunn,

“If you look at the designs and you look at the other stores that are out there, it’s not hard to figure out who it is, it’s not, but they’ve asked us to keep quiet, and we have.”

It just so happens that the architectural illustrations show a likeness to existing Amazon Fresh stores. During a Newstimes interview, Steve Dunn hinted the new store would incorporate "Dash Cart" that allows customers to skip the checkout line. Check this out!

That last tidbit of information has me convinced that what's behind the facade at 14 Candlewood Lake Road in Brookfield, Connecticut, is, in fact, Connecticut's very first Amazon Fresh grocery store. Eventually, the truth shall be revealed.

Candlewood Lakes' Island House

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