Dailymeal.com has just published a list of the prettiest towns in America. Can you guess which one made the top spot in Connecticut?

I’ll give you three hints:

  1. Waterviews everywhere
  2. Famous for their pizza
  3. Julia Robers starred in a movie with this town's name in the title

Give up? Oh come on, really? OK, I’ll give you three more:

  1. Popular tourist spot
  2. A huge aquarium. We’re talking sharks, penquins and sting rays, oh my!
  3. Very famous seaport

And the answer is — Mystic, Connecticut.

If you have been to Mystic, then you know that this was certainly a great representation of the beauty of our Nutmeg state. If you have never been to this small town right on the coast, all I can say is, “WHY NOT?” It's a great place for a day trip or an extended stay. With great shopping, great views and great food, Mystic has something for everyone and for every age.

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