This event has been happening in Bethel for the past five years or so. Each year it gets more popular, and this year, my daughter is finally old enough to get excited and look for Waldo.

I had Friday off from work, so the kids and I went to Downtown Bethel. It is one of our favorite places to walk around, especially on nice days. We, of course, made a stop in to the Toy Room and Kim and I started chatting. While we were talking, a mother came in with her kids and they were searching for Waldo. Once they found him, they each got a signature from Kim on their passport.

It's such a cute event. It started today, and it runs through all of July. There are 25 local businesses in Bethel that are participating. You can pick up a passport at any of the locations that are participating in the event, and then the search is on! When you find him at each location, make sure to get your stamp or signature on the passport from the store.

You can see we got our signature from Kim at The Toy Room. My daughter was very excited that she found Waldo.
You can see we got our first signature from Kim at The Toy Room. My daughter was very excited that she found Waldo.

The Waldo that you have to find is a six-inch cardboard cutout that can be placed anywhere in the store. Some of the shop owners will move him from day to day, and others may keep him in the same spot throughout the month. It's a great community event, and Alice from Byrd's Books has been able to get the town included in this annual event each year. It happens all across the country to help promote small business owners.

Here are the locations that are participating in the event:

There are also some prizes that come along with finding Waldo:

  • The first 125 people to find Waldo at 10 businesses can bring their passports to Byrd's Books to get an "I Found Waldo" button and a "$1 Off" coupon.
  • Once you have found Waldo at 20 of the locations, bring the passport to Byrd's Books to get a button, a coupon, and you will be entered in a drawing for a deluxe set of Waldo books and other prizes.
  • You can post on Instagram with #ColorWaldoandWin and be entered to win a Waldo prize pack, which is valued at over $150

The grand prize drawing will happen on Saturday, July 30, at Byrd's Books.

We picked up our passports at The Toy Room, and found our first Waldo. My daughter is very excited to continue the search for Waldo this weekend. I think she wants one of those buttons.

I love that this event combines a fun activity with promoting small businesses!

Will you be looking for Waldo in Bethel this year?

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