I envy people who can make things with their hands. I do not have the ability to make something out of nothing but I sure do appreciate seeing craftsmanship firsthand. It's got to be a great sense of accomplishment to start with nothing and end up with someone either functional or beautiful.

I always wanted to build a boat from scratch. Dead serious, what could be cooler than building your own seafaring vessel? You build it and then you can use it to leave to far off majestic lands. So cool. Then I read up on steam bending wood and I said, "I dunno bro, I'm kinda busy this weekend."

Do you build cars from the ground up? Do you woodwork? Do you design your own clothes or are you a painter? Whatever you make with your hands, I bet you would like to show it off and I want to help you. Share your pictures with us and if you are willing, tell us what it took to make it.

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