We've been taught about them since the first grade, but how much do people in our area really remember about our country's leaders?

It's been part of our Americana since George Washington took the first oath of office on April 30, 1789. Since then, 46 presidents have occupied the White House.

Now, Presidents Day is upon us again, and a few years ago I was wondering how much people really know about why we celebrate the day. So when I wonder about something like this, I don't just try and figure things out myself, I do the next best thing -- I take it to the people.

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Now I did this segment long before the pandemic hit, I got a chance to head to the Danbury Fair and asked people what's up with President's Day. Just keep in mind this was done before the 2016 election, so people were a little more relaxed about talking about the office then, but the results were hilarious, so I wanted to share it again. It's a "KICKS Classic", so check it out and get ready to be amazed and astonished:

All I can say is looks like a lot of you slept through your American History classes. Might be a good idea to go back and check out who some of our most distinguished leaders actually were.

There's a lot to be learned and a lot of things I bet you never knew about some of our Presidents. Enjoy your Presidents Day and hopefully you learned a little something from our video.

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