Halloween is my favorite holiday. Here at the radio station, I am not alone. It seems that many of my friends and co-workers share my love for this wonderful celebration of strange.

Hmm, I guess that makes a lot of sense, now that I think about it.

We decided that as a team, we would dress as crayons, each one of us picking a different color. I was "B'dazzled Blue". There was Orange and Galactic Green, Shamrock Green, Silver, White, Violet and another "B'dazzled Blue" (thanks Missy). Cat Rose chose her favorite color, "Black", like her soul. Kidding! Totally kidding.


Dressed in our Halloween best, Cat Rose and I went to Starbucks to try the drink that we heard all about in Mr. Morning's Video. The "ZOMBIE FRAPPUCCINO" Oooooooo, sounds so scary!

Well, what was really scary was that they were out of it! But they did their best to make up for it and made us "Frappulas." Take a look at our reactions:

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