Italian cuisine lovers in Waterbury are taking a second hit over the next couple of weeks as another very popular restaurant has just announced that they will be temporarily closing for a two week period due to short staffing concerns.

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According to a post on their social media accounts, Waterbury's San Marino Ristorante, a Colonial Plaza mainstay for 52 years, is going to temporarily shut down for two weeks from July 4 through Sunday July 18. According to Tony, the owner of San Marino -

The news that you've heard regarding a country-wide employee shortage is a real issue everywhere and one that we're not immune to. As our only solution to the problem at hand, we've made the decision to implement a two week shutdown beginning July 4th.

This break will give out limited and overworked staff a chance to collectively take a rest/vacation, recharge their batteries and spend time with family. This is an unprecedented decision in unprecedented times and was not taken lightly.

There will be no dine in or take-out available from Sunday, July 4th through Sunday July 18. We'll reopen on Minday, July 19 at 11am.

Tony goes on to apologize for the inconvenience that this temporary shut down might cause you.

I wrote yesterday that San Marino's sister restaurant, Nino's on Scott Road is closing down for good as of this Sunday, May 31, 2021. Hopefully the staff that will lose their jobs will transfer over, but there will be two less Italian Restaurants to get your grub on around the 4th of July in the Brass City.

This seems to be an ongoing issue for some restaurants around, and I really hope it gets fixed. It's so sad to see restaurants having to close or limit their hours due to not enough staffing.

If you are currently looking for employment, it seems as if now is a perfect time to apply. Connecticut has just implemented a program that they've dubbed "Back to Work CT", which is designed to give Connecticut's long-term unemployed a $1,000 bonus for obtaining a new job. Look into it, and good luck.

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