Another cheap place to eat has shuttered up in my hometown of Waterbury.

I just received word from a buddy of mine that he tried to stop into Denny's on Wolcott Street this morning to grab a quick breakfast with his kids and the place is permanently shut down. They even have a sign on the door saying so.

We've reached out to Denny's, requesting some information on the closing, and whether or not they have plans to relocate elsewhere within the Brass City. If they happen to respond, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

That location, 939 Wolcott Street, was a Denny's restaurant for about five years, but has been a few different things over the years. Before it was Denny's, it was a Casual Male/DXL Big & Tall clothing store, and even way before that, it was the site of my first job ever -- Record Town. I even have an old photo from back in the day, when the plaza still had Edward's and Toys R Us. Check it out:

Photo by Medium Dave

We used to love watching the shopping carts roll down the hill towards cars parked by our store. I so miss Roy Rogers in that plaza too -- I would destroy their "Fixin's Bar" right about now.

Anyway, back to Denny's news. With the Waterbury store departure, possibly for good,  you'll have to travel to Queen Street in Southington, or the other Denny's locations in West Haven, Middletown, Hartford, or Newtown Road in Danbury to get your Grand Slam.

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