The Newport Realty Group is underway on construction of a Dairy Queen "Grill & Chill" in a previously vacant lot on Chase Avenue in Waterbury.

According to the Republican American, the construction is in the infrastructure stage now with the installation of the foundation, plumbing and sewer. Newport Realty Group co-owner Tony Valenti says the prefabricated structure will be delivered in December and opening is set for early 2020.

I've never been to a Dairy Queen, A DQ or a "Grill & Chill" so I had to familiarize myself with their menu. They have some of my favorites like burgers, fries and chicken strips but they had a few other things I did not know existed like:

  • Pretzel sticks with Zesty Queso
  • Cheese curds

That was it, the rest was stuff I have heard of, like burgers, fries and assorted chicken meals. I guess I can get into the Pretzel sticks with Zesty Queso but I'm not eating anything called a "curd." The curd won't stop me from visiting, I can get down on the classics all day. I'm down to both Grill and Chill.

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