2020 has been filled with great wildlife stories here in Connecticut. We've been intrigued with the Buddy the Beefalo saga in Plymouth/Terryville since the Fall, (he's still on the loose by the way).

I wrote articles about snakes, turtles, and spiders over the Summer, and just last week, I wrote an article about an injured Bald Eagle that a local man found found and rescued while he was on a hike near the Thomaston Dam. The injured Bald Eagle story gained a lot of interest over the weekend, and last night, the Sharon Audubon Society posted an update to their social media accounts about the big girl:

According to the post, the Bald Eagle is doing well, and did not show any signs of poisoning or toxicity, which was their main concern. The Eagle weighed in at 11 pounds, and suffered a broken right wing. It's a fracture of the radius in the wing, think of it as a break in a person's forearm, close to the elbow. Because of its location, they could not surgically repair the break, so, they've splinted, wrapped, and immobilized it, in an attempt to let it heal.

The next few weeks are crucial, if the break does not heal properly, the Eagle may be unable to fly. The Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital has assisted in the Eagle's recovery, and they will perform physical and cold laser therapy in an attempt to help the bone heal.

The Sharon Audubon Society has stated that they do not know how the Eagle became injured, but speculated that it might have been hit by a car as it was flying away from a meal. They also say that they will continue to do everything that they can to get this beautiful Bald Eagle back into the wild, and say that if you'd like to help out, you can click, and donate HERE.

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