Grounds Donut House opened on October 17 at 35 Lake Ave. Ext. in Danbury and life hasn't been the same since for two friends who grew up together in Brewster, NY.

Nick Terrana was a music video director in NYC, and Tim Medina was a mixologist who had his own contracting business. When I asked Nick about the driving force behind the decision to start up their own trendy coffee and donut shop, here's what he told me:

There was this cookie place down the block from my apartment in NYC. They made these massive cookies with crazy flavors. People would line up down the block waiting for these cookies before they were sold out.

Photo Courtesy of 'Grounds Donut House'

Nick explained that he and Tim wanted to make Grounds Donut House not just a place to go for premium coffee and donuts, but they wanted to create a special design and logo to go along with their trendy eats.

I've always liked that Cali punk rock feel, so we created this logo with the skull. We joked around that that's what we look like before coffee.

Grounds Donut House Logo

Nick explained that the major reason they were able to launch Grounds was "the skill and generosity of our business partner, Mauro Tropeano, letting us bring the idea of Grounds and putting it next to his restaurant, Stanziato's". 

Grounds Donut House - Photo Courtesy of Nick Terrana...

Ground's oversized artisanal donuts are made fresh every morning with the toppings and fillings made by hand. Their coffees are blends made specifically for 'Grounds' from high-end roasters across the country, including Redding Roasters in CT. One of their most popular blends is a Cinnamon Toast Crunch latte made in house.

As I was finishing up researching Grounds at 6:30 am on Sunday, I took a look at their donut menu on their website, I immediately threw on a pair of jeans and raced to Grounds before they ran out of Jelly donuts. OMG! Welcome to Danbury!

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