Did you know you can help support the Animal Welfare Society during a day of local giving? Oh, and we've also got two pets now available for adoption.

It's the annual Connecticut Community Foundation "Give Local," and it's happening until 7 PM on April 22. It's a chance for you to help out local establishments, like the Animal Welfare Society, where all the animals there are completely dependent on your donations for food, veterinary care, medicines and placement into healthy homes. This has been their commitment for 55 years.

They need your financial support to ensure that they can continue to provide these services in the months to come.

"Give Local 2020" offers the opportunity to have your donations multiply through enhanced funds and matching funds, totaling $12,000. All you need to do is click on the AWS CCF/GIVE LOCAL page.

Now because of the COVID-19 restrictions, if you're interested in adopting one of our featured pets, or any dog or cat at the shelter, first fill out an application on their site at aws-shelter.org. Then, once your application is approved, you can call them at 860-354-1350 and schedule your one-on-one meeting.

Here are two pets, Finn and Carmengia, that are available right now at the Animal Welfare Society:

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