Which game did you play as a teenager?

It's not often that both Jess and I have a conversation about the television show, The Bachelorette but it did happen today and it got us talking about way back when, when we were teenagers.

If you missed the Bachelorette the other night, the contestants on the show did a whole bunch of different dares on the show. One guy had to eat like 5,000 calories of Twinkies, one guy had to wax a really private area and after talking about it we all at one time or another played the game Truth or Dare, right? Or were you a Spin the Bottle player? How about Seven Seconds in heaven?

Growing up I was definitely a truth or dare teen, the only that I hated about playing was that it always ended in me making a complete fool of myself because I always took DARE because I never wanted to answer any of my friends questions. The one dare I will never forget is having to run across my friends front yard with my shorts down around my ankles. I started running and the their neighbor saw me and started to yell across the yard at me. Talk about being embarrassed. He came over and talked to friends mom about it and then she talked to my mom...it was awful...BUT I did it!...LOL!

Jess was a Spin the Bottle girl, but never used a bottle to spin when they played. Her and her friends would use an old v-tech cell phone with the pull up antenna on it as the bottle. If the antenna landed on you, the person who spun it would get to kiss you.

The other game that a lot of kids played as an early teenager was Seven Seconds in Heaven. I never played and Jess corrected me, it's Seven Minutes in Heaven!! That's even worse...LOL! From what everyone was telling us that when you played in involved a boy and girl spending seven minutes alone locked inside a closet with the lights off. Nothing about this game sounds fun to a 13 year-old CJ...LOL!

What game did you play? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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