Dr. Rajeev Fernando has been recognized as one of America's top doctors in New York for the specialty of Infectious Disease since 2014. He is an accomplished doctor, with a generous heart and compassion for making this world a better place.

You can listen to the entire, very informative interview below, but here are just some of the highlights:

In our first question for Dr. Fernando this week, Kathleen in Danbury wants to know, based on what we know now about the virus, when would be a good time to start opening businesses here in Connecticut?

"Every state varies, we have to take one step at a time. We still have a lot of cases going on, so in this situation it's basically every state for itself. We have to start very slowly, like opening up restaurants, bars, and gyms with strict restrictions. I would think it's reasonable to get a temperature check, and have very rigid social distancing guidelines. The important thing is, with a second wave of the virus expected later this year, the better we do right now with the measures that have been set up, the lesser the stress for the second wave".

Glenn in Newtown wants to know about herd immunity, and should we have gone that route?  

"Herd immunity develops when many people in a community had the infection. Unfortunately for this virus, I'm not going to bank on it right now because we do have the concept of reinfection. What we're seeing with this virus is that people are actually getting it again. It seems it's not necessarily true that the antibodies that are produced are protecting the individual from getting affected again. It's very worrisome right now, but I wouldn't rely on herd immunity with this particular virus."

Gina in Bethel asks, when can we finally stop social distancing?

"At this point, we should keep doing social distancing, and make it a part of our life. Walk around  with your hand sanitizer, and your mask. There's even a new watch coming out by Samsung that automatically alerts the person wearing it if there's someone closer than six feet away. We just have to incorporate this lifestyle on a daily basis. It's something that's going to become part of our lives."

Every Thursday morning at 7:10, 7:20, and 7:50, and also again at 8:10, 8:20, and 8:50 Dr. Fernando joins Mr. Morning on KICKS 105.5 to answer your questions about the coronavirus and how it pertains to the Greater Danbury area.

If you have a question you would like answered, just send a chat message through your KICKS 105.5 mobile app or call Mr. Morning at 1-877-303-1055. Here's his latest update, and you can listen to the full audio here:

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