On Monday (4/17/23), the Danbury PD issued a press release about a recent arrest.

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Authorities say they ended an illegal dental operation in the Hat City. That Danbury Police Department says Hugo Moraes-DeLima was performing dental procedures out of a room at the La Quinta Hotel. The press release states, cops raided the hotel room on Sunday April 16th 2023 and found a man who claimed he was conducting dental referrals. The presser goes on to say:

"When officers entered the occupants room, they found an impromptu operating set up with dental drills, suction machines and a portable X-ray machine. Officers also located numerous bottles of amoxicillin and other medications. While speaking with the suspect, a male exited the bathroom with gauze in his mouth, stating he had just had a dental procedure." 

I've never heard of anything like this happening in Danbury before. Yes, this kind of thing happens, but it's usually in Florida or Pennsylvania, not the D-Block. I was late to the news, meaning I was out of the office when the press release dropped. I was in no position to break this story, be second or even third to publish. At that point, it's usually best to just move on and put your gaze downfield, but I still felt like I had something to offer with this news.

Top 16 Signs You Got Your Dental Work Done in a Danbury Hotel

On Monday (4/17/23) we learned that Danbury Police broke up what could be a very dangerous operation. The Danbury Police Department arrested a man, they say was performing illegal dental work out of the La Quinta Hotel in the Hat City. In honor of this Earth shattering and potentially hilarious news, I bring you the Top 16 Signs You Got Your Dental Work Done in a Danbury Hotel.

We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show on Tuesday (4/18/23), listen below.

During that segment you might have heard me say Hugo looks like RC Smith. RC Smith is a hilarious stand-up comedian and friend of the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show. Here is a split screen for reference.


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P.S. There is a serious underlying question, is dental work too expensive for the average family to afford? I say yes. I am not a wealthy man and I'm right on the line of not being able to afford it. Are healthy teeth only for the wealthy? If your only two choices were agony or an illegal hotel dentist, what would you do? If you had to choose between losing your two front teeth or having them fixed at the La Quinta, what would you do? I'm trying to save all of the dentist money we can for the kids. If something goes horribly wrong with my teeth, I probably can't afford to fix them. I'll see you at the La Quinta!

Top 16 Signs You Got Your Dental Work Done in a Danbury Hotel is a Lou Milano Production.

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