To serve in our country's military is viewed by many as a selfless act. To be a woman that served and now finds herself homeless is tragic.Here's how one New Milford native, who still serves, is helping to make a change.

To say I can't even imagine the sacrifice of service and the far reaching affects in regards to one's family and friends is an understatement. First here's a brief look at what the organization, Ms. Veteran America is involved with. It's called Served Like A Girl, and the tireless effort to help our homeless female veterans.

To that end, a huge salute to New Milford native, Tara Carr. In a story from, Carr is a semi-finalist in the Ms. Veteran America competition and will audition for a place in the finals later this month. The competition’s primary mission is to raise funds and awareness for America's 55,000 homeless women veterans.

Here's a recent posting from Carr's Facebook page:

As the recent story says, she has made it to semi-finalist, and she is still working on fundraising. If you'd like to aid her efforts you can click on her GoFundMe page. What Carr told the News Times is really staggering:

Currently there are approximately 55,000 homeless female vets and the number is growing. These are my sisters in-arms and some even have children with no place to live. It is completely unacceptable that these women, women who selflessly served our country, many heroically, are notoffered the same services as male veterans. My goal is to help create positive changes that offer assistance and solutions to these women in need

All of our country's veterans deserve all we can give and more. Please help support the efforts of Carr as she raises funds for the amazing organization and the ongoing work they do for homeless female veterans and their children.

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