In a few years, Noah and Olivia are going to have a lot of company in their classrooms. The Social Security Administration website reports that in the state of Connecticut, those are not only the number one names for a baby boy and baby girl but in 2017 there were 222 baby boys given the name "Noah" and 230 baby girls were named "Olivia".

It's not easy coming up with the name that will identify someone for the rest of their lives. Some people go with a classic name like Elizabeth or Henry, while some parents opt to name their children after a place like Dakota or Madison. What are Connecticut moms and dads naming their babies? Social Security has compiled the following list of the top 25 names in the Nutmeg State:

Boys:                         Girls:

  1. Noah                  Olivia
  2. Liam                   Emma
  3. Logan                 Ava
  4. Jacob                 Mia
  5. Michael              Sophia
  6. Lucas                 Isabella
  7. Benjamin           Charlotte
  8. James                Amelia
  9. Matthew             Grace
  10. Joseph               Ella
  11. Mason                Abigail
  12. William               Avery
  13. Henry                 Madison
  14. Anthony              Emily
  15. Ethan                  Harper
  16. Alexander           Aria
  17. Ryan                   Nora
  18. Dylan                  Victoria
  19. Jackson              Riley
  20. Gabriel               Sofia
  21. Jack                   Chloe
  22. Julian                 Hannah
  23. Luke                  Gianna
  24. Nicholas             Lily
  25. Nathan               Gabriella

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