On one hand, 2020 seems far away, but it really isn't. We're closing in on 2019 at this point, and 2020 is around the corner. It happens to be the dealine to change over our New York State driver's licenses, as well as non driver ID cards. Soon our curent ones won't be good enough. We'll all need to switch to the REAL ID, which is going to bring us some real changes.

Your new driver's license and ID will contain more security and safety features. It will enable you to fly within the United States with the license, ID or Enhanced Driver License (EDL). To date we've been able to fly with our standard issue Department of Motor Vehicle licenses, but we'll need the new ones in the future. They will be introduced October 1, 2020. You can watch the Youtube video to get a full understanding of these new documents. The price to renew or switch over to them will be the same as the old ones. Watch the video below from the New York State DMV to learn more.

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