There are people that I know who would choose to lock out everyone from the Middle East whose purpose it is to become a U.S citizen. Well, this is a remarkable story that should bring everything into the light.

His name is Mohammed Wardeh, a member of the U.S. National Guard, and according to a story at, he's finally been granted citizenship status in the U.S., but it certainly wasn't easy.

As a little kid growing up in Syria, Wardeh always dreamed of living in America. In 2007, he accepted a job with the United Nations. When the Syrian civil war began in 2011, living in Syria became dangerous for Wardeh. His family was being threatened by the Syrian army and they were kicked out of their home in Damascus.

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In 2012, Wardeh was granted political asylum in the United States with his ultimate goal of becoming a United States citizen. He was granted his Green Card in 2014, and decided to give back to his new country by joining the National Guard.

The Naturalization ceremony was held at the end of Wardeh's basic training, but he was told that there was a hold on his application, due to more background checks. That's when Connecticut Senator, Chris Murphy, entered the picture.

Two months after Senator Murphy began lobbying for Wardeh's citizenship, it finally came true, as did Mohammed Wardeh's dream. I totally understand that intense background checks are an important part of the naturalization process, but not everyone who wants to get into our amazing country is a "bad hombre." We officially welcome Mr. Mohammed Wardeh and his family to the United States of America. The following video is just a slice of the incredibly moving naturalization ceremony.

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