Connecticut State Police must hand over items seized from Adam Lanza's home after the Sandy Hook tragedy. The Hartford Courant and the Freedom of Information Commission won a years-long battle against Connecticut State Police when the Supreme Court voted in their favor 5-0.

On the morning of December 14, 2012, Lanza shot his mother to death in the home that they shared. He then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School and carried out the a horrific crime that this area will never recover from. Twenty first graders and six school personel were shot dead. He then shot himself when police arrived on the scene.

Investigators removed many personal effects from the killer's home including some disturbing violent stories which were penned by Lanza and a spreadsheet detailing mass murders. Police refused to allow The Hartford Courant to view the items seized from the home. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that because they are not exempt from state open record laws, the items must be released.

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