According to a study conducted by Home Snacks, Danbury, CT sucks. Well, that is not how they put it. Home Snacks says they analyzed data from the State of CT to create a list of the worst places to live in the Nutmeg State.

Their "results" say we made the Top 10 list, coming in at number 8 in the entire state. Bridgeport was the top dog, being named the  number 1 overall worst place to live in Connecticut.

How did they arrive at the conclusion that our beloved Hat City is one of the worst places to live? They gathered metrics from two sources, the most recent Census Bureau American Community Survey and the FBI Unit Crime report. 

Here are some of the "stats" they cited:

  • Danbury is the 18th most dangerous place you can live in the state, where you have a 1 in 81.0 chance of being the victim of some type of property crime.
  • Homes here average $299,600, which is the 17th lowest in the state.
  • Income levels are just about $73,297, the 16th lowest in Connecticut.

They followed up those numbers up by saying; "When you add it all up, Danbury really is quite an undesirable place to live. The people who have to live in here could use a big hug right about now."

I don't need a hug, your methodology is confusing (I suspect intentionally), you don't mention that only 21 cities were considered in total and our city makes national headlines every single year for being one the most desirable small cities in America.

I read your disclaimer and understand this is "infotainment" and that is cool because that happens to be my sport. You see the problem is, no one who has ever been here will believe this story.

Danbury is so kick ass and unbelievably genuine that it's kind of invincible. Even the "haters" that live here (every city has them) and complain about it everyday, know they are full of bologna.

No one here needs a hug, we're good boo boo.

P.S. I gets mines. 

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