As we wait for the artists to arrive at the "Media Loft" here at Taste of Country Music Festival 2017, we always wonder about the personality of the next country star that we will interview. There is always a sense of "will this person be accepting to our questions? Can we joke with them? Are they sick of talking to the media?

While we were waiting for Steve Moakler, we wondered all of those same questions. The road to the stage has not been a quick and easy ride for Steve Moakler. He's been around for a long time writing hit country songs for others. Is he jaded?

All of those thoughts quickly disipated as he walked up the stairs here at the Hunter Mountain Resort. A sweet smile, Hollywood good looks, and a fantastic personality. He was so appreciative of our radio station that, in honor of tonight's Stanley Cup Finals game, he even drew a Penguins logo on our Cowboy Hat. Check out our interview with Steve Moakler:

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