I have this thing about Cowboy hats. I never wear one, because I look kind of dorky with one on. However, I never say anything bad to someone who's wearing one, because there's a good chance they could kick my butt.

So here I am at the Taste of Country Music Festival, and my first scheduled interview is with Cody Johnson. Cody is one of country's hottest rising stars. Those who saw him perform at Hunter Mountain can attest to that. His set was both powerful yet touched on the very fabric of every human emotion.

Now, as interview time approached, in walks Cody, and guess what? Yup, he's wearing a cowboy hat. Even worse, one of his biggest hits to date is a song called, "Cowboy Like Me".

So great. Not only does he have the hat on, but he's from Texas, and is a cowboy. Now I have to really be careful, or I'll wind up splattered all over the media loft. A real cowboy, wearing a real cowboy hat. A very dangerous combination. Check out what happened:

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