I'm still trying to get over the fun and sadness (at least from Sunday, still pretty torn up about Sam Hunt. I don't want to talk about it.)

It's always fun interviewing the artist you get to see perform and sometimes the conversation gets so far off track that you forget you're talking to a "celebrity." That's exactly what happened when I sat down with Courtney Cole. She has been busy the past few years, releasing music like her singles "Drunk" and "free99" while also touring on the Pink Guitar and Roadside Bars tour with Miranda Lambert. Once the mics were on and ready to go, the girl talk began.

When I find out someone is as hashtag crazy as I am, I instantly want to be their friend. Make sure to check out Courtney's documentary hitting the internet tomorrow (Thursday, June 15th). There are more details at her website CourtneyColeMusic.com.


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