We are here again! Hunter Mountain, NY for  Taste of Country Music Festival 2017. Before they headed up on stage to perform, these "Girls In A Country Song" (see what I did there?) sat down to talk to me about the stereotypes of being a woman working in country music.

Yes, they are almost too beautiful to look at, ask any of the guys that were here watching the interview, but these young women are all talent wrapped up in a very pretty package.

Gracious and sincere, it was such a pleasure to talk with them. On-stage, they were just as amazing. So, let me, "Shut Up and Fish"? uh, ok, maybe not fish, maybe I'll just shut up and let them do some talking.  Check out our interview (video above) with Maddie and Tae from Taste of Country Music Festival 2017. Don't forget to check out our Facebook page as well for some great pictures from Hunter Mountain for this amazing three day festival.

Click through the photo gallery of their amazing performance at the Taste of Country Music Festival 2017:



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