A fun conversation about rompers and their relationship with each other takes a turn for the optimistic, as I make a bold prediction about the future of Country music up-and-comers, Smithfield.

It's a tough job that requires a lot of determination and pretty tough skin. I'm talking about trying to work your way up the ladder to become the next big country superstar, or as is the case with Smithfield, the next big country duo.

Flashback to the Goshen Stampede 2014. A young country singer is trying to make his mark. He's written for others, but is now hoping to have a hit of his own. This guy's name was Chris Janson, and after his set at the Stampede, I met him back at his tour bus and told him that within a year, he would have a Top 5 hit on his hands.

Fast forward one year to 2015, and "Buy Me a Boat" has just reached number three on the country charts.

Now, here we are in 2017, and a young up-and-coming duo is performing at the Taste of Country Music Festival. I get a chance to catch some of their set after I introduced them to kick off day two of the festival. I like what I hear, and so does the crowd, some coming early specifically to catch their set.

Now a few hours after they performed, I got a chance to talk with them, and once again, I went out on a limb with another bold prediction. Take a look:

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