Just over a month ago, at the beginning of May 2021, I wrote about how one of my favorite places to stop and get a bagel, coffee, or breakfast sandwich, Chubbas, had closed down one of their three locations. The Chubbas located inside the Middlebury Edge office building at 1625 Straits Turnpike suddenly closed their doors on April 30, 2021.

Photo by Mrs. Large
Photo by Mrs. Large

I called that day and spoke to one of their employees, and he really didn't have an answer to why they had suddenly shut their doors for good. Today, I found some good news. A new tenant is coming to take over that space in Middlebury in August, and if you're from Southbury, you may already be familiar with them.

The Local Gourmet is located at 316 Main Street South - Unit A in Southbury, and they've just announced this week through their social media page that they're going to be opening up a second location, in the former Chubbas location in Middlebury, in the Middlebury Edge at 1625 Straits Turnpike.

This is great news because The Local Gourmet is legit. It's a prepared-foods market, they make a wide variety of signature sandwiches, including my favorite, the French Onion Chicken - oh man, it's so good.

What I love the most though are their salads. I recently saw someone on Facebook lamenting the loss of salad bars due to the pandemic. Well, The Local Gourmet had customizable signature salads with all the ingredients that you can think of. They also serve smoothies, toasts, coffee, teas, lemonades and they have a great selection of non-perishable foods, snacks, pasta, dips, salsas, cheeses and so much more.

According to the post, the Middlebury location will be opening up sometime in August and I can't wait to have their new location within a mile of my house. Good luck Local Gourmet.

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