There was a collision between a skier and a snowboarder last night on Mohawk Mountain that has ended in tragedy according to the Hartford Courant. The skier, a woman from Brookfield, Connecticut has died as a result of injuries she sustained from the collision which occurred at about 8:15 pm.

Immediately following the accident, 46-year-old Lisa Kelly was taken by ambulance to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington, and later to Hartford Hospital by helicopter. Police say she passed away at about 11:15 last night.

Today, a spokesperson for the ski area told the Courant:

We are devastated by this tragic loss of life, and offer our deepest sympathies to all of the individuals who have been affected, including our guest's family and friends.

As an avid skier, I believe skiing is a lower risk sport than many others. Generally, it’s very safe, and I’m positive the mountain took every precaution to prevent this type of tragedy. The mountain's management also reported:

Ski Patrol responded rapidly, providing first aid and care for the injured skier.

From personal experience, I know that Ski Patrol personnel are highly skilled and trained to respond to emergencies like these. Sadly, we must remember that there is risk associated with every sport.

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