A local student who was abducted right in front of her shocked mother is home, but she's got a lot of explaining to do.

According to CBS New York, sources say that 16-year-old Karol Sanchez admitted to her family that she faked an abduction that triggered an Amber Alert on Monday. The kidnapping happened right in front of her mother's eyes in the Bronx.

On Monday at11:30pm the Arlington High School student was visiting relatives in the Bronx when a sedan pulled up to the girl and her mother. Four men got out of the car, grabbed Sanchez and pushed her mother to the ground before taking off.

NYPD 40th Precinct
NYPD 40th Precinct

On Tuesday, as posters were being put up around the scene of the abduction, Sanchez suddenly appeared and turned herself in to officers. CBS New York is reporting that the girl confessed to staging the whole thing because of "family issues."

Sanchez's mother, who did not know the whole thing was staged, was said to have been hysterical on Monday, screaming for her child who she thought was taken by strangers.

The NYPD is still investigating the incident before announcing if any charges will be filed.

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