When it comes to restaurants, Danbury has its share of wonderful eateries. But who would think that John Mariani would rave about a restaurant right here in our backyard?

What? You don't know who John Mariani is? If you take a look at his website, you will see that for the past 40 years, he has been traveling and bringing his view of the world to us mere mortals. He has dined in the most wonderful restaurants of Rome, Spain, New York, even Texas.

In his review of Ibiza in Danbury, CT, at Huffingtonpost.com, he raves about the authenticty of the food and ambience and the passion of the owner. One of the things that he was quite focused on was not only the quality of this restaurant, but also the value:

New York City has a few good tapas bars, though they tend to be frenetic, loud and pricey. Ibiza, for all its color and focus on the unusual fitted into the traditional, is to my mind better than any in Manhattan. For that reason a true aficionado of Spanish food should make the trip to Danbury and be amazed. - John Mariani

If you would like to read more of John Mariani's review of Ibiza, click here.

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