Last night, Friday November 20, it was reported that an armed robbery occurred at the Westfield Trumbull Mall with reports of a possible shooting.

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According to, a non-identified man is suspected of a robbery that took place at Zales jewlery store in the Trumbull Mall around 7 PM last night. The male allegedly entered the store waving a gun, which then caused it to fire a bullet shattering the display case, where he then took several gold chains before fleeing on foot.

Bridgeport Police took to Twitter to announce the robbery that occurred, and mentioned that the suspect fled the mall and the police remained secure in the area as the suspect still didn't surrender.

Moments later, a pedestrian was struck by the fleeing vehicle and was transported to the hospital, according to Bridgeport police.

After the incident occurred, the mall remained open until its regular closing time, and police assisted shoppers and workers to exit as they kept the surrounding area closed.

Finally, at around 1:11 Saturday morning, the person responsible for this incident surrendered to police. Bridgeport police took to Twitter to report, "At 1:11, the party responsible for the incident at the Trumbull Mallwho was at a standoff with police has surrendered to Bridgeport PD and Trumbull PD. The incident has been turned over to the Trumbull PD. We thank all officers for their professionalism. The area has been deemed safe."

Thankfully, no severe injuries occurred. Thank you to all officers involved for keeping the public safe.

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